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frequently asked questions

Got lawn care questions? We’ve got answers.

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How do I make a payment?

For your convenience, we offer several payment options:

  • Visa, MasterCard or American Express by either phone or mail
  • Online banking at your financial institution
  • Telephone banking
  • Cheque
  • Most of our customers take advantage of our pre-payment offer, which provides the hassle-free convenience of a single, annual payment. You can also set up for our EasyPay option, which is easy and automatic. Speak with a representative for details.
  • What is my balance?

    You can check your current balance anytime by calling 1-855-546-7336. You can also find your balance on your last invoice in the area noted “payment due”.

  • What mailing address can I use for sending payment?

    Mailed payments can be sent to: 2385 Matheson Blvd. East Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5B3

How do I sign up?

There are a few ways to sign up:

  • Contact us via the TruGreen web page and someone will be more then happy to call you and get you signed up
  • Call 1-855-546-7336 and a Customer Service Representative will set up your new account.
  • Why was I not notified when services were being performed?

    In order to get your visit done in a timely manner, we recommend that a “Call-Ahead” not be done unless it is absolutely needed. Delays in our ability to contact you prior to each programmed service visit may mean inferior results or even potential lawn problems.

  • My neighbours don’t use a lawn care company. Why does their lawn look better than mine?

    Many factors determine why one lawn appears healthier than another. The most important of these include your mowing practices (height and frequency), watering, thatch condition, grass type, and soil condition. Any one of these can have a major impact on a lawn’s health and can vary from property to property.

  • Why was my tech here for only a few minutes?

    Our specialists are trained and very good at what they do. Their objective during each regular program visit is to inspect your lawn, provide the appropriate treatment, make the appropriate recommendation (if required) and check on your satisfaction (if you are home). Depending on the size and condition of your lawn, this may not take a lot of time. For instance, we apply fertilizer at a rate of 1 minute per 1,000 square feet. This pace is important given our fertilizer analysis and equipment calibration. Additionally, our specialists are committed to ensuring quality service by knocking on your door and leaving an appropriate written note and other pertinent information about your lawn.

  • When will my next application take place?

    Your programmed treatments occur approximately 5 to 7 weeks apart.

  • I didn’t renew. Why are you here?

    As a valued customer, we provide complete and continuous service. We want to ensure that you do not miss the benefits of your program.

  • Why should I be paying for lawn care when it’s cheaper to do it myself?

    While performing lawn care yourself may not seem to cost as much, when everything is taken into account, it can actually be a more costly process. The value in our service is the assurance that the correct product is being used properly and at the right time to help maintain a healthy lawn. Beyond simply applying products, our service provides our expert monitoring, consultation and recommendations to recognize, inform and address potential problems before they become costly, damaging issues.

  • Why do the notes from my tech say the lawn looks good, even when there are still weeds or thin patches?

    Our priority is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction as possible. If you have concerns about your lawn, either at the time of our scheduled visit or between visits, contact us immediately. We will return to inspect and resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

  • What does TruGreen guarantee?

    TruGreen is committed to providing you the highest quality service. If you’re not totally satisfied with our recommended service, we will continue working with you until you are satisfied, or refund the amount of your last application. To meet this satisfaction we would be pleased to schedule a visit by our specialist to determine the cause of any problem you may be noticing in your lawn and make appropriate recommendations.

  • Why are there no recommendations on my invoice?

    Your specialist should always leave notes of recommendation or other information for you. If this is not the case, please call our customer service centre. Our specialists utilize recommendation codes on their paperwork to allow our Customer Service personnel to provide their recommendations over the phone.

  • When and how should I water my lawn?

    Watering your lawn is also important to maintaining its optimal health. Deep watering once or twice per week is better than brief daily watering. Providing 1 inch of water per week is a good rule of thumb. You can use a tin or cup to determine how long it takes your sprinkler to apply 1 inch of water.

  • When and how often should I mow my lawn?

    Mowing height and mowing frequency are critical for healthy turf. Mow your lawn at a height of 2 ½ to 3 inches and never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade. If your lawn is long, this may mean mowing several times within a few days to gradually bring the height down to 3 inches. In peak growing seasons, this may mean mowing 2 or 3 times per week.

  • What services does TruGreen offer?

    VERSION A – Non-Home Pest Control Postal Codes

  • TruGreen offers a wide variety of services for your home and business. Our offering includes the following popular services:

    Lawn Care Services

    • Fertilizer
    • Weed management
    • Insect management
    • Aeration
    • Alfalfa
    • Aeration/Overseeding
    • Renovations
    • Sulphur

    Tree & Shrub Care Services

    • Deep root fertilization
    • Natural Insect Control
    • Dormant Oil

    Please call our Customer Service Center at 1-855-546-7336 and one of our representatives can provide you specific details about our programs and services.

  • VERSION B – Home Pest Control Postal Codes

    TruGreen offers a wide variety of services for your home and business. Our offering includes the following popular services:

    Lawn Care Services

    • Fertilizer
    • Weed management
    • Insect management
    • Aeration
    • Alfalfa
    • Aeration/Overseeding
    • Renovations
    • Sulphur
  • Tree & Shrub Care Services

    • Deep root fertilization
    • Natural Insect Control
    • Dormant Oil
    • Home Pest Control

    Please call our Customer Service Center at 1-855-546-7336 and one of our representatives can provide you specific details about our programs and services.

  • What if it rains on the day my treatment is to be applied?

    First, be assured that the materials we apply are not being washed away. In most cases, rain will actually help the treatment. Fertilizer needs rain or irrigation at some point to activate it. Our grub control treatments also require watering-in. Our weed control treatments may have been affected if it rained within 3 hours of the treatment. If the weed is not showing any signs of affect from the weed control within a few days, it may have been affected by the rain, and feel free to contact us regarding next steps.

  • One of my family members or pets walked on the grass before my treatment was dry. What do we do?

    Our applications are highly diluted and there is no cause for alarm. Any area that may have come in contact with our treatment can simply be washed with soap and water.

  • Why should I have my lawn aerated?

    Core aeration provides many benefits. Essentially, aeration improves your lawn’s growing environment by improving air, water and nutrient penetration to the soil, alleviating soil compaction, preventing thatch buildup, and increasing microbial activity in the root zone. This enables the lawn to better respond to our treatments and produce better root systems. Adding overseeding to the core aeration service provides even more benefit by introducing a high quality grass type and helps maintain lawn density.

  • What can TruGreen do for my weeds? (Ontario Only)

    We apply weed treatments utilizing Fiesta as part of our full lawn care programs to manage weeds over the course of the growing season. However, many lawns may have weed infestations that require a SUPPLEMENTAL weed treatment to bring infestations down to a manageable level. To achieve the level of weed control many customers demand, we strongly recommend this supplemental treatment in addition to our program.

  • I didn’t renew my aeration. Why did they do it anyway?

    Our service continues year after year unless we are notified to make changes to your program. A service such as core aeration should be conducted annually to provide the most benefit. Please contact us if you wish to cancel service.

  • Why doesn’t weed management control all of my weeds? (ONTARIO ONLY)

    At TruGreen, we select the best products available to provide superior results for customers like you. Fiesta is the most effective weed control product available for use in Ontario. Unfortunately, we cannot eliminate 100% of your weeds in any one treatment. It is important to note that some weeds are more resistant than others. These older or more established weeds will take several treatments to control. Our program will target these weeds over the course of the season as part of our regular scheduled visits. Additionally, you may have a weed infestation that requires a SUPPLEMENTAL weed treatment in addition to our regular program to bring weeds down to a manageable level.

  • What time of year are services performed?

    Our lawn and tree & shrub care programs start in the spring and continue through to the fall. Additional services that we have recommended or you have chosen are performed at the appropriate time during the season. This may include core aeration in spring or fall, or grub control in the late summer.

  • What kind of fertilizer do you use?

    We use different granular fertilizer blends depending on the time of year and growing season. Our spring and fall blend is typically 25-0-8 50% ammonium sulphate. Our summer blend is typically 25-0-5 with 50% slow release. All our traditional fertilizers are phosphorus free. We also offer a range of all-natural organic fertilizers in our TruNatural program. These provide your lawn with nitrogen naturally from corn gluten meal.

  • Why do we need more than one subsurface insect control (leatherjacket & grub control)? (ONTARIO ONLY)

    Grubs and leatherjackets (young crane flies) are vulnerable to our nematode treatments at different times of the season. Nematodes will only attack the targeted pest that is in your lawn at the time of the application. For instance, nematodes that are applied in August to control grubs will seek out and attack grubs; however, they will not still be there in your lawn when crane fly eggs hatch in October to attack these young leatherjackets. It is important to treat these pests when they are most vulnerable and when control is most likely.

  • I received grub control treatment, why are animals still damaging my lawn?

    We utilize nematodes for grub control. Nematodes are microscopic worms that move through the soil and seek out grubs. They enter the grub and release bacteria that convert the grub to a food source for young nematodes. This causes the grub to stop eating and eventually die. There are several nematode strains on the market; however, nematodes are extremely selective on the type of insect they attack. We use the most effective nematode strain available against European chafer grubs. Nematodes are safe to use on lawns and do not harm plants, people, pets or even beneficial insects. Our objective is to reduce the grub population to a level that does not cause injury to the lawn, however we cannot guarantee that animal activity (skunks, raccoons) will not dig in search of grubs. For the most effective control, you need to water your lawn the night before our nematode treatment and as soon after as possible. Keeping the lawn moist for a few days following this treatment will produce the optimal environment for the nematodes to work.

  • Why do I have dark brown/green patches on my lawn after receiving services? (ONTARIO ONLY)

    These dark patches may have been caused by our recent Fiesta weed treatment. Fiesta does not damage grass, however since it contains iron, it can temporarily turn the grass around the weed dark green or black. This should return to normal after you have mowed a few times.