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Lawn aeration | core aeration

Lawn aeration can greatly improve the overall health of your lawn. Core lawn aeration uses a specialized piece of equipment, commonly known as a lawn aerator, to make little holes in your lawn. The nickel-size holes made by the lawn aerator give your roots greater access to air, water and fertilizer. Core lawn aeration also helps control the amount of thatch in your yard, that layer of tightly woven plant material that can prevent nutrients and other items from reaching your soil. Why consider manual lawn aeration when the experts at TruGreen have specialized equipment and the know-how to help you achieve your desired results.
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Mowing tips | lawn mowing | TruGreen

There's a lot of work that goes into proper lawn maintenance. When it comes to properly mowing your lawn and growing that lush, green grass that every homeowner desires, there are many factors to consider. Your climate, grass type and weather conditions are just a few examples. Mowing your lawn improperly can lead to unevenly cut turf, shredded blades of grass, brown spots, or off-color turf. Watch this video for mowing tips and techniques that will help you achieve maximum results.
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Tree service | tree specialist | TruGreen

Love your trees? A trusted tree service company will provide your trees with the nourishment and maintenance they need to thrive. TruGreen offers affordable tree services to help guarantee that the beautiful trees in your front yard are there for generations. TruGreen tree services will make your trees look their best by providing the correct nutrients in the right amounts, stimulating growth and enhancing leaf size. Trees are susceptible to many diseases, so it is important to partner a with a tree service company you can trust. When seeking affordable tree services in your area, look no further than TruGreen.
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