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Drought Help From The Experts

TruGreen is your best defense

Drought can put severe stress on your lawn and make it more susceptible to insect damage and weed invasion. That’s why regular service visits from your TruGreen specialist and routine watering are essential during dry conditions.
Following the water tips on this page in conjunction with a tailored TruGreen lawn plan will help you maintain a healthy lawn, guaranteed.

TruGreen will gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.*

signs of drought stress

  • Lawn colour may change from bright green to dull gray or blue green.
  • Grass blades folding and failing to “bounce back” after being depressed by foot traffic.

what you can do

  • Water thoroughly as often as local watering restrictions allow, providing at least 2.5-5.0 centimeters each week.
  • Place an empty tuna can in the sprinkler pattern until the can fills up – this equals one inch of water.
  • Watch for warning signs in sunny areas of your lawn – these are usually first to show drought stress.
  • Water in the early morning to minimize evaporation.
  • If you have an irrigation system, make sure that it’s correctly set to ensure proper water coverage.

TruGreen can help

  • Your tailored TruGreen lawn plan cultivates deep-rooted, healthy turf, which has a higher tolerance for dry conditions.
  • A vigorous, dense turfgrass is one of the best defenses against drought damage, as well as weed and pest invasion.
  • TruGreen carefully inspects your lawn to provide the nutrients and help it needs during drought stress.

For more TruGreen drought tips, view the link below.

Fighting drought: 10 ideas for helping your lawn stay healthy

Keeping your lawn healthy and fighting drought can be tough. However, knowing some very important steps to take when fighting drought can help you maintain a vibrant, lush lawn. TruGreen provides some helpful ideas for fighting drought, from proper grass mowing to watering tips and more. Achieving the best results when fighting drought can always be challenging due to various weather conditions and grass types. TruGreen has PhD-certified specialists with years of experience and science-based solutions that can help you keep your lawn healthy through all types of conditions.

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